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I can still remember watching a woman onstage sharing her powerful story of overcoming abuse throughout her life and went on to build a legacy.

As I listened to every word she was saying, feeling all her emotions inside me and envisioning myself doing the same, one day.

I envision myself standing on the same stage, sharing my story, having an audience devour every word and feeling empowered by my story too. That they would feel the same emotions as I feel right now.

To tell them that they are not alone and it’s not their fault.

The problem is, I was terrified of public speaking.

Terrified of being seen and heard as a result of severe workplace bullying. Suffering years of bullying had crushed my confidence, so much so that it made me feel that I feel voiceless.

But I know deep down I knew I wanted a voice and sharing my message from the stage. To empower and give a voice to others.

As I went home that day, crying as I stare at my reflection on the bathroom mirror. I no longer recognise the fearful girl staring back at me. The girl who was never afraid of big dreams, speaking at big stages and making an impact. The girl who knew that her life is destined for great things.

But that girl is gone.

The spark in her eyes is gone, replaced with fear and sadness. It breaks my heart not to recognise her anymore. I feel guilty for letting her down.

“This has to stop. I cannot let her down anymore.”

But what do you do when you have a severe fear of the stage? You pick yourself up and make a plan.

To find the voice and have the courage to dream again, I must do something, even if it means facing my biggest fear; public speaking.

That moment, something inside me clicked! I learnt that I need to stand up for myself and being invisible is not an option. Suddenly I feel a spark in my veins to challenge my fear and not let it hold me, hostage, anymore.

Then it hit me. I had the superpower all along and it is the most important thing that would lead me to get me on stage and my message out there – BRANDING.

I took immediate action and focused on growing my brand as fast as possible. When you shift your focus from what you fear to what you desire, everything changes.

Because I want to impact more people, I took my business onto my own social media channels 

Suddenly, I was attracting all my dream clients who are ready to work with me because of the brand that I crafted for myself. It turned out to be bigger and better than I thought.

I made $1000 in 10 minutes after posting about my program, without a sales call.

I went from someone who felt invisible and voiceless to someone who driven to help others get their message heard and impact thousands of lives.

I no longer feel invisible. It gave me more strength than I ever had before.

Imagine this would be you…

That you can have everything that you have dreamt of without being someone you are not.

Building a brand that I am proud has helped me overcome my limits and become the person that I was meant to grow and more.

Through branding, I have regained my confidence, hope and voice. Branding gave me the stage. The stage gave me back my voice, healed my wounds and help empower others to heal theirs.

Just imagine how different it would feel for you when the right people hear your message. Your audience would devour every word that you say and feel empowered by your own story.

All the time when you thought that your voice could not be heard, now I give you the brand to step on to a stage and amplify it.

You can travel and live anywhere in the world with your loved ones.

You can financially support your family and give them the best experience.

You can wake up every day filled with pride a great sense of achievement that you have created this life for yourself.

You go to bed every night feeling confident and fulfilled that you have created this dream life for yourself and all the people you are helping.

If you are like me and has been through events in your life that makes you feel that your voice is unheard, but you have an important message that needs to be seen and heard, then I can help you.

I know exactly how to get you there because I have done it myself and changed my life.

Because I am passionate about supporting you to get the results, share your story to empower and impact millions of lives.


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